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Bloodline LP

Infectious and energetic... 8/10
— Vive Le Rock
Quite splendid
— Sentinel Daily (AU)
‘Bloodline’ will bewitch you
— louderthanwar
— RAM zine
drive, intensity, and lyrical acumen... 8.5/10
— Maximum Volume
nightmarish-hypnotic gloom... driving rhythm section... and a guitar that is simultaneously cutting and shimmering
— Sonic Seducer (DE)
The band have the same drive, intensity and lyrical acumen as they did in their youth. Not many bands can say that after a 30 year break and it is that spirit, allied with quality songwriting and musicianship it must be said, that sets this album apart from similar bands trying to recreate their glory days...
— Maximum Volume if John Lydon’s paunchy and directness with Ian McCulloch’s haunting and unhinged voices have had a singing and snarling baby.
— RAMzine
...nebulous soundscape... progressive, experimental music... melancholic and mystical lyrics
— Under Dog (DE)
...aural epidemic from which there is no escape.
— RingMaster Revue


sometimes sombre, sometimes dancing... always intense
— Canal Blog (FR)