Bloodline Tour - Statement


We are sorry to have to announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, our appearance at Undercover Festival will be the last of this tour, and the remaining dates to go ahead with alternative acts or postponed until further notice.

The reason for this is our guitarist, Mark, has been diagnosed with cancer – something that has left us with shock over the past week but filled us with determination for the future.

There’s no easy way to say this, and Mark isn’t one to make his personal life public, but it’s only fair that we do so as we know many of you were looking forward to seeing us again this month.

Thankfully though, he is a fighter, and we’re sure that he will win his biggest fight yet. It is possible that we will surface again before the end of the year, but at the moment it is impossible to say exactly when. Mark will fight the beast on his own terms and we will make plans when he is ready to take on the road at the same time.

Of course this does not mean any kind of hiatus or inactivity for us. We will be announcing the release date of our new album, Bloodline, very soon, and we will continue to write, rehearse and record material. Because it’s what we do, and it’s all we know how to do. As it looks right now, any shows we were booked to play look to go ahead with some great bands, so we encourage you to support them along with the promoters that have been so understanding during this difficult time: Ilija in Berlin, Nonna in Metz, and particularly the good people at Dark Italia and Campus Noir, who had both been planning our visit for months. We hope to work with you all as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot and see you soon.

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